I’m “the life of the party,” and I mean that literally, my dude: weddings are supposed to be parties, but they’ve become so boring! My job is to breathe life back into them. 

Boring weddings
Aren't my Thing

I know that’s controversial, calling weddings boring. This is my industry, after all, and nobody puts Baby in a corner. But every time I look at bridal magazines or open Instagram, I see more of the same. Same white dress. Same bland food. Same vanilla cake. But the couples that I’ve met — people like you! — are so far from being the same. You’ve got rad jobs, great style, boatloads of personality, hilarious jokes, and captivating love stories. You deserve a wedding day that celebrates the amazing, unique, cool AF people that you are. One that your guests will be excited to come to. And one that’s actually fun to plan, not a stressed-out nightmare. So what’s a Type A, organized, grab-life-by-the-balls kind of girl to do when the world lets her down?

Boring weddings
Aren’t my Thing

Take over, of course. And that’s exactly what I did when I started XO Moreau. Since then I’ve been working with some of the most incredible couples to design and plan the dreamiest weddings across the globe. Parties that represent just how cool my clients are, delight every guest, and rock the house. How do I do it? Sure, I’m a smart cookie with legit hospitality training (hello, bachelors and masters degrees). But, cheesy sounding or not, I’m also a great listener who values relationships and individuality. Put that together with my compulsive need to stay organized, a surprisingly chill personality, and a splash of imagination, and you get Vogue-worthy wedding designs that are taking the wedding world by storm. Giddy up.

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