Client Wedding

Elizabeth + Christopher

An Artist’s Dream Wedding in the Italian Countryside
XO Moreau is known for finding inspiration for our designs in some pretty wild places, but the works of painters like Rachel Ruysch and Sebastian Stoskopff were the only suitable source of inspo for our old-soul, art-loving clients Elizabeth and Christopher. We called in the A-Team for this Italian destination wedding. Rome’s Dylan Tripp drew on his years as a fashion designer at Valentino and Fendi to create whimsical, avant garde floral designs. Casa Felix crafted invitations, menus and other paper heirlooms for the guests to remember their experience by. Tenuta di Casa Bruciata — a perfectly restored 14th century farmhouse sitting on top of the most picturesque Italian hillside — was the *chef’s kiss* perfect venue. And when it comes to capturing the Italian light, there was no photography duo better suited than Ludovica & Valerio. Combined, Liz and Christopher’s day felt like you had stepped into a painting from 1644 — but with some dope modern twists, of course. The long, single dining table looked like a still life, topped with candlesticks, local flora Dylan cut from the woods that morning, and plates of pappardelle, gnocchi, and other organic dishes. The bride’s three couture gowns made everyone think of a Milan runway. The live harpist and cellist played old-school Italian jams, bringing a time-traveling vibe to the day. And the venue was giving medieval Italian realness, with but modern luxuries like a heated pool. Mission 19th-century-Romanticist-artist-throws-a-rager-in-2022, accomplished.

Vendor Shoutouts

Design: XO Moreau
Photography: Ludovica & Valerio
Floral Design: Dylan Tripp
Stationery: Casa Felix
Rentals: Gran Gala Noleggi
Venue, Food, Beverage: Tenuta di Casa Bruciata


19th century Romanticism, with a modern twist. Our top inspo was “Glasses in a Basket” by Sebastian Stoskopff and any floral still life by Rachel Ruysch, mixed with the modern tableware (and its photography) from Gohar World. Combined, our minimal designs packed a punch that was whimsical, moody and formal, but not gothic. Dylan Tripp floral designs brought the vision to life.