Ansley + Jonathan

Moody fall colors with some retro vibes thrown in. Classic motifs like cherubs were mixed with modern touches like custom playing cards (a play on the couple’s initials, A and J) and vibrant florals, and funky twists like the bride’s pink feathered farewell dress.

Rosalie + Matt

We created a western wonderland at Hotel Drover/Fort Worth Stockyards Station for Rosalie & Matt’s wedding weekend featuring our own bluegrass music festival.

A Surreal Estate Party

Trippy, but in a pharma-chic kind of way. The blacklight graffiti, floating floral installation, meditation room, and gold painted girlies really set the mood.

Morgan + Cameron

The weirder, the better. We pushed Morgan and Cam’s funky, edgy style to the max. The muted colors were inspired by J. Hannah nail polish, the custom zines held a mix of goofy pics of them and details about the day, the rando décor had a killer sense of humor, and other elements like the poppers with custom labels tied back to the couple.

Elizabeth + Christopher

19th century Romanticism, with a modern twist in Perugia, Italy. Our top inspo was “Glasses in a Basket” by Sebastian Stoskopff and any floral still life by Rachel Ruysch, mixed with the modern tableware (and its photography) from Gohar World. Combined, our minimal designs packed a punch that was whimsical, moody and formal, but not gothic. Dylan Tripp floral designs brought the vision to life.

Magen + Mickey

Tropical-lite. Our vibrant design colors were a subtle nod to San Jose del Cabo, balanced with the venue’s classic white Mexican architecture and a neutral-colored dress code for guests.