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At XO Moreau we know how to get down, and we want to teach you how to do the same with exclusive mentorship opportunities.

Mentorship Sessions

Wedding biz dreams? Let's make 'em happen, boo.

XO Moreau Mentorship Sessions are custom-designed video meetings aimed at providing you with a personalized, one-on-one experience alongside me, Alex Moreau. Together, we’ll dive deep into everything related to growing your wedding design and planning business. These sessions are your canvas, completely tailored to sculpt your success in the world of weddings!

Whether it’s refining your design finesse, perfecting planning strategies, booking and managing destination events, attracting your ideal client, boosting income, sales techniques, or any other business strategies, consider us an open book! Have questions? Fire away! Need some inspiration? We’re here to fuel your creativity. I’m also happy to share some behind-the-scenes sneak peeks of my platforms, my design process, and how I work with my clients. My goal is to nurture your business’s growth and fuel your ascent in the wedding industry!

XO Moreau Mentorship Sessions operate on an hourly basis, and here is the pricing breakdown. The more sessions you purchase, the better the deal! Let’s admit it, once the gears start turning, there is often a need for further exploration or additional insights. Investing in multiple sessions at discounted rates allows us to delve deeper into your goals and queries. Plus, it grants me the opportunity to continue guiding your growth and hold you accountable for the changes you’re working on making!

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The bottom line: stop dreaming, start acting! You know you’re destined for more — unlock your full potential with tailored mentorship sessions designed to help you create the wedding business of your dreams.