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How to Make Your Wedding Personal & Unique

Wedding designer XO Moreau shares wedding planning tips on how to elevate your wedding with personal touches for your ceremony and reception.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut following wedding trends. But trends and XO Moreau do not mix. Stick with us, and we’ll help you find the perfect way to take your wedding from looking like all the others to a personalized experience with details no one else would dream of. I’ll take elements of your story as a couple and find the perfect way to turn them into gorgeous design details that keep you and your guests engaged and awestruck!

Read on to hear some of the ways I’ve taken my clients’ weddings to the next level with custom builds, banishing signature cocktails in favor of a more unique guest experience, and more.

Food & Drink: Incorporate Story & Experience

Skip the predictable buffet, and use your reception dinner to give your guests an experience that speaks to a moment from your life as a couple. Take the signature hers & hers cocktail pairing: boring. Instead, think of your favorite romantic getaway to Mexico, and treat your nearest and dearest to a guided tequila tasting with bottles from the region. Or serve your guests the first meal your boo cooked for you from scratch, family style. Have your fav food truck you’ve been to 50 times pull up for the late night tacos you can’t get enough of.

Location, Location, Location

While your wedding venue might be hosting wedding after wedding after wedding, that doesn’t mean yours has to be like any of the others. What is unique about the space that we can incorporate to make it yours? I’m an expert at finding that je ne sais quoi about your venue and amping it up to be the star of the show. And don’t forget the in-between spaces; transitions and flow between spaces on your wedding day offer just as much of an opportunity to impress your guests and make it personal.

Take Kristen and Rob’s wedding, for example: we used the distance between the ceremony and reception spaces to our advantage, having guests follow the most adorable donkeys, who were serving up beer from the baskets they carried, between the two. Or consider Emma and Cody’s interactive seating chart cabana that guests had to walk through to find their table assignments. These kinds of unique experiences are an XO Moreau specialty, but one that any clever marrier could implement to turn your transitions into a way to surprise and delight your guests.

Custom Design Elements

When it comes time to recreate stories, show your personalities off, and have some sick design elements, I know the best of the best! We recommend custom all the way, baby. From custom builds and signage to personalized wedding favors, check out some of my favorite production elements:

  • Melissa and Joshua are big into the festival scene, what could be more perfect for their menus than customized Burning Man tickets? Nothin.
  • Kasen and Casen took off into the Austin sunset after their wedding on super fun getaway bikes painted in their wedding colors. Kasen also hopped on stage and played a full set with his band during the reception!
  • Jessica and Noah’s wedding featured a new twist on a holiday staple for their high-end Valentine’s Day-themed nuptials: a seating chart made of conversation hearts in classic colors and electric hues.
  • Kaley and George’s guests were chasing down the popular roaming oyster bar at their Addison Grove wedding. Combined with a stationary bar just for bubbly, their loved ones were happy as clams.

Hard Pass on Wedding Trends

If you haven’t noticed,  I am the queen of kicking wedding trends to the curb and working with my couples to make their wedding day 100% unique to them. These meaningful details are the only way to get a truly one-of-a-kind wedding. Sound like your idea of a good time? From custom builds, to neon streamers, to beer burros, I am your girl! Let me wow you with some design ideas on a complimentary consultation call.

Photo by Gloria Goode Photography

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