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Top European Destinations to Get Married

XO Moreau has picked out some of the top European wedding destinations for couples & their guests. You’ll love these unique luxury European wedding venues.

If you’re thinking of having a destination wedding, Europe has probably crossed your mind. It has it all — old-world beauty, renowned cuisines, sexy romance languages, and luxurious venues. And while my list of top European wedding destinations could go on forever, there are five places in particular that are trends for luxury European weddings. 

1. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in Western Europe, and is filled with unique architecture, complex history, and elaborate blue painted Azulejos tiles. Most Americans don’t think of Portugal when they consider a European destination wedding, but this city offers just as much history, beauty, and incredible food as some of its flashier, more touristy counterparts. If you’re thinking about a destination wedding in Lisbon, you have to consider these venues: 

  • Quinta das Pintoras is one of Lisbon’s best kept secrets. It’s been one family’s private home for more than 100 years, only recently being opened to the public as a wedding venue. The property includes an incredible greenhouse, garden, and three interior rooms full of antiques and Portuguese art.
  • Estufa Frida is a tropical oasis in the heart of Lisbon. Literally translated as the “cold greenhouse,” this city-owned botanical garden can be transformed into the most incredible wedding venue. The pictures are incredible, but you can’t fully grasp how epic this Portuguese wedding venue is until you’re standing there in person. 
  • It’s hard to believe that once upon a time Quinta do Torneiro was a private estate. The 18th Century manor house has a chapel and an impressive French garden that dates back to the property’s founding. But most impressive is its many rooms filled with Portuguese tiles — including one where the traditional tiles were made in green instead of the traditional blue to match the green ceiling. 
  • Your wedding will feel intimate and charming amongst the glass walls and towering trees of Estufa Real, the royal greenhouse in the heart of Lisbon’s Ajuda Botanical Garden. This mostly outdoor venue has it all: fountains, topiaries, and sculptures, oh my.

2. Sardinia, Italy

I’m low-key obsessed with Sardinia, Italy as a European destination wedding venue. Just like the rest of Italy, it has impressive architecture and history, but unlike other Italian locations, it has some of the top beaches in Europe. Its unique rock formations on the coastline make it a unique venue, and an incredible backdrop for baller wedding photos. 

I won’t go into all of my favorite Sardinia wedding venues — check out my blog on the best Italian destination wedding venues for that. But I couldn’t write this post without mentioning Phi Beach as the quintessential Sardinia beach venue, with a raging nightlife scene and insanely cool “Rock Club” that’s literally carved out of ancient rock. 

3. Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza has an international reputation for being a party town. And though the stereotype is true — it’s an amazing island for clubbing — Ibiza is also an incredible Spanish wedding destination. It’s warm there most of the year, has incredible food, and each beach has a completely unique vibe depending on what you’re into. These are my must-see venues in Ibiza: 

  • Like other luxury Ibiza resorts, Amante offers job-smacking sea views, pristine beaches, and five-star accommodations. But the food is what makes Amante stand apart. The typical wedding meal can’t compare to the culinary experiences there, where the chefs take a five-sense approach to the cuisine.
  • If you’re looking for the same culinary expertise as Amante but with a more laid-back vibe, consider getting married at its sister venue, Aiyanna. The beachfront restaurant can be rented in its entirety for a wedding, and specializes in healthy, eco-conscious cuisine.  
  • The tropical Ibiza landscape is absolutely breathtaking, and if you get married at Pure House, you’ll be right in the thick of it. The 19th Century estate has been meticulously restored and turned into a luxury hotel worthy of the name. Even city folks will fall in love with peace that comes from having exotic gardens, lush forests, and palm trees aplenty throughout the property. 

4. Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca may be one of Spain’s most celebrated beach destinations with unique coves and a rocky coastline, but the island also has a famous agricultural scene, producing some of the best almonds, olives, and oranges in Europe. Mallorca also has a booming winemaking industry, with vineyards making up much of the island. Two of my favorite destination wedding venues there include: 

  • La Residencia is an art-lover’s haven. The luxury hotel is home to a “poet’s walk” complete with sculpture garden, an art gallery, and art tours hosted by a local artist. With decor like that, we’ll barely need to decorate for your Mallorcan destination wedding. 
  • Son Marroig is a literal palace, featuring the most picturesque carved stone temple right on a cliff’s edge — the perfect place to say “I do.” And with the option of renting the entire estate for your destination wedding, you’re able to keep the stunning water views, fragrant rose gardens, and expansive terraces all to yourself. 

5. Athens Riviera, Greece

Wine lovers planning a destination wedding might be thinking of getting married in Italy, but I’d push you to consider the Athens Riviera in Southern Greece even more. The region is one of the globe’s major wine producers, flanked by the mountains and the sea on either side, and it’s not as touristy as Italy’s wine country can be. 

Read my blog on the best destination wedding locations in Greece and you’ll get the scoop on four Athens Riviera wedding venues I recommend. But there’s one in particular that’s worth highlighting: Pyrgos Petreza. The venue is home to a vineyard, winery, and tasting room that are available for private events and would be the ultimate location for a Greek winery wedding. Their wines are reserved exclusively for events held there and include a white, red, and rose. Yamas!

Let Me Plan Your European Destination Wedding

I can picture it now: XO Moreau picking out the most incredible venue and vendors in Europe while you soak up the fun of your engagement and get ready to stamp your passport and get married abroad. Not to humble brag, but I’m an experienced European destination wedding planner with a mind for complex logistics and killer style. Europe, here we come! 

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